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About us

Prospergate Capital Ltd is a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) that is authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) (License number 361/18), with the license to perform portfolio management services. The company externally manages, on a discretionary basis, client funds that are located in global financial institutions.

Prospergate Capital Ltd is the flagship arm of Prospergate Group, a totally independent wealth and asset management boutique firm. The group consists of experienced teams of private banking and asset management professionals, who all undertake to manage the wealth of private individuals, companies, funds and family offices.

Prospergate Capital Ltd capitalizes on its expertise in asset management and the global financial markets, to manage client portfolios in a manner that best serves client interests, choosing and allocating the best strategies. The company acts with all due professional care, and is fully compliant with the rules of the relevant legislation. Its ultimate purpose is to develop a deep and lasting relationship with its clients, since this is an important path of both assisting the clients to accomplish their wealth planning goals but also maximize their expected returns by undertaking measurable risks.

Prospergate Capital’s Ltd service quality reputation is built on long-term mutual respect, integrity, ethos and trust; values that truly characterize the company.

Prospergate Capital’s main lines of businesses are: 

–   Wealth management

–   Fund management

–   Family Office Services

The Prospergate Group:

The first company of the Prospergate Group was established in 2014, working as an introducing business company with the assignment to bring high-net-worth individuals and family offices together in the global private banking environment. Within the last four years two more companies were added in the group and expanded the Group’s operations, having granted with licenses to cover services in the areas of wealth, fund and asset management.

Prospergate Capital Ltd works with several reputable financial institutions across the world, where it manages a considerable amount of client assets. It also provides Family Office, Succession Planning and Asset consolidation services to a number of its clients.

Additionally, Prospergate Fund AIFLNP V.C.I.C Ltd invests its assets in the areas of Private Equity and Property and looks to expand its strategies to cover investments in the areas of Fixed Income, Global Equities and other Alternative strategies. The company banks only with reputable global custodians.

The Prospergate Group delivers its mission every day, guided by its core values which form the foundation of the harmonious relationship it maintains with its clients.