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Prospergate delivers investment solutions adapted to the clients’ needs via flexible investment strategies:

The company proceeds with the following steps before allocating funds in any investments:

Step 1:

The company assesses the client’s profile, including return expectations, aversion to risk, liquidity requirements and overall situation. It is essential to map out several determining factors. This will allow us to define the ideal solution that will meet the needs of the client. Therefore our team works in tandem with its clients. This means that we spend the necessary amount of time together, to assess the client’s  situation, share our views, and understand the client’s goals.

Step 2:

We rely on our pool of expertise to build the client’s portfolio. We discuss in detail our asset allocation model and our strategy committee decides on the allocated investments. We use a portfolio consolidation tool to correctly review these investments continuously.

Our expertise allows us to reach the client’s objectives according to the requirements the client sets. In order to accomplish this effectively, we offer various alternative methods of cooperation.

Additionally, we collaborate with most of the world major private banks. As such, the client has the freedom to deposit his assets with the bank of is choosing.

Step 3:

We deliver the portfolio that best suits the client needs and we monitor this portfolio very closely using the most effective strategies possible.

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