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External Asset Management

Prospergate Capital offers portfolio management services to its clients as part of its core services. Our clients’ requirement to maximize portfolio returns within a measurable risk framework is the reason that Prospergate Capital is given the mandate to manage their banking assets and apply effective investment management solutions. This means structuring portfolios by allocating funds among asset classes to meet both individual and institutional investors’ objectives and constraints.

Prospergate Capital’s overall purpose is to achieve a total return for each client portfolio that corresponds with or exceeds the portfolio’s composite benchmark, by investing in several asset classes with the skill, care and diligence that a wise investor would undertake. In this respect, tailor-made Investment and Risk profile questionnaires are prepared for each type of investor, addressing investor risk, portfolio return objectives and portfolio constraints that direct the choice of potential investment in these asset classes.

Prospergate Capital has adequate processes in place that aim to achieve outperforming results for each client portfolio. These strategies include the establishment of the client’s personal investment objectives, qualitative and quantitative screening of securities, the selection and allocation of securities in line with predetermined strategies, and the continuous monitoring and re-balancing of portfolios in accordance with market conditions.

Investing across a broad range of actively managed strategies covering multiple investment types and geographies is the reason why Prospergate Capital achieves the outcomes our clients’ desire.

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